Weekly news roundup

Weekly news roundup

It is now only just over a month until Being Human 2014. We are drawing ever closer to the launch of the UK’s first national festival of the humanities on 15 November. Across the country, you can almost hear people beavering away putting the finishing touches to their events, taking bookings, writing blogs, and generally ‘being human’ in the way that only organising a festival can necessitate.

On our blog this week the University of Brunel’s Dr Sharon Lockyer explained how humanities research is helping us to understand the role played by humour in defining us as humans. Are human beings the only species with a sense of humour? Is the study of laughter a serious business? Read her blog post or book a place for Feeling Funny, Being Human to find out more.

This week saw a whole host of events at the University of Edinburgh open for booking, including Visualising Voices, an exploration of documentary film making with those suffering from terminal illness, and Spaces, Places, Histories and Genes. In the wake of the independence referendum, this event brings academics together to discuss how spaces, places, histories and genes come together to make up our self understanding and sense of identity.

Other events opening for booking this week include a series of multidisciplinary events organised by the University of Portsmouth exploring Conflict and Resolution Across Global Cultures. Get booking!

That’s all for this week. Have a thoroughly human weekend.