Being Human 2021 webinar

Being Human 2021 webinar

This webinar took place on 18 March, and was an opportunity for those interested in applying to take part in the festival to learn more. Please find the recording below. As we didn’t have an opportunity to answer all questions during the session, we have provided written responses to them here. If you have any further questions please take a look at our FAQs.

This webinar is an opportunity for those thinking of applying for Being Human to learn more about the festival and what it will look like in 2021. Meet the festival team, led by Professor Sarah Churchwell and Dr Michael Eades, as they discuss the different ways you can get involved in the UK’s only national festival of the humanities.

Find out more about the criteria for funded Being Human projects in 2021 and the key ingredients for putting together public engagement with research. Hear helpful tips and lessons learned from our guest speakers Sara Charles and Dr Phil Smith, who put together hybrid events that included craft packs, video tutorials and open-air activities.


  • Sara Charles is a PhD researcher at the Institute of English Studies (SAS) exploring medieval martyrologies. In 2020, her project ‘Making Medieval Ink’ gave participants the opportunity to make their own natural ink based on traditional medieval recipes and discover more about the rich history of ink making.
  • Professor Sarah Churchwell is the Director of the Being Human festival. A prominent advocate for literature and the humanities, Sarah appears regularly in the media and writes for both academic and non-academic audiences.
  • Dr Michael Eades is Manager and Curator of the Being Human festival. He has also run numerous public engagement initiatives such as ‘Bloomsbury Festival in a Box’ which developed a cultural outreach scheme for socially isolated people with dementia.
  • Dr Phil Smith is an Associate Professor (Reader) at the University of Plymouth who specialises in site-specific performance, dramaturgy and mythogeographies. Last year, Phil led a hybrid project called ‘Coxside Smoke Signal’ creating work packs for Coxside residents that culminated in a public art piece about the local area.