Media coverage

Media coverage


BBC Radio 3: The Mayflower and Native American History
BBC Radio 3: Postcolonial Derby: Privateers, Pieces of Eight and the Postwar Playhouse
BBC Radio 3: What do we cherish and what do we give away?
BBC Radio 3: About Face
BBC Online: Lockdown loneliness reaches record levels
BBC Arts: Can you judge a book by its cover?
BBC Sunday Morning Live (BBC One): Series 11 Episode 20 (42:00)
The Voice: Fancy a cultured cuppa?
New Statesman: Sarah Churchwell’s Diary
WonkHe: Public engagement in a pandemic – lessons from Being Human
The Conversation: America’s first vampyre was Black and revolutionary – it’s time to remember him
HistoryExtra podcast: Oswald, the many-headed medieval saint
Regional coverage including: The Courier, Peterborough Telegraph, The National, Daily Gazette (Essex County Standard), Welwyn Hatfield Times, BBC Local Radio (Glasgow, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Sheffield, Lincolnshire, Orkney).

The festival was also featured in the Sunday Times Radio Picks, the New Scientist’s ‘Don’t Miss!’ column, the Observer New Review, and Time Out.


The Guardian: Can universities decolonise the curriculum?
BBC Radio 3: Free Thinking: Why we need new news: Being Human festival research
BBC Radio 3: Free Thinking: Love Stories
BBC Radio 3: Free Thinking: Are the arts saving Margate?
BBC Radio 3: Words and Music: Secrets and Discoveries
Times Higher Education: Humanities education is central to democracy
WonkHE: Want to save the humanities? Try getting off your pedestal
The Conversation: Meet the raunchy dance teachers who helped shape the modern world
BBC Ideas: A short (and deadly) history of assassinations
BBC Ideas: Scandal and the rise of ‘anti-shame’
Regional coverage including: The Londonist, Manchester Evening News, The Courier, and The Scotsman.


THE: Engagement: not just nice to have, but the next step in research?
C-Span: Q&A with Sarah Churchwell
BBC Radio 3 – Free Thinking: Death rituals
BBC Radio 3 – Free Thinking: Lost Words and Language
BBC Radio 3 – Free Thinking: Buses, beer and VR – a taste of university research
The Conversation: Menstrual art: why everyone should go and see it
THE: Interview with Vanessa Toulmin
Vada Magazine: Being Human – a festival of humanities
BBC Ideas: The curious world of blood
BBC Ideas: How do doctors and nurses cope when a patient dies?
Regional coverage including: BBC News Midlands.


ITV News: Exhibition charts lost connections between Tyneside and the Caribbean
BBC Radio 3 – Free Thinking: Being Human: lost and found in the archives
BBC Radio 3 – Free Thinking: Being Human: The lost luggage office, ghosts and warrior poets
BBC History Extra: Demons and Shipwrecks
THE: Interview with Simon Armitage
The Conversation: Onions, embroidery and other historical lessons could help you sleep
British Theatre Guide: Women and war: the West End and the western front
Regional coverage including: The Londonist.


BBC News Online: ‘Forgotten’ Lancashire dialects revealed in poetry research
BBC Radio 3 – Free Thinking: Being Human debate at Fact, Liverpool: man and animals
BBC Radio 3 – Free Thinking: Being Human: Vernon Lee, lying, coma
BBC Radio 3 – Free Thinking: Being Human: what the archives reveal
ITV News: Meet Harvey Matusow – ‘America’s most notorious liar’
The Guardian: Revived: the 1930s London gay members’ club raided by police
The Independent: The racist human zoos that time forgot
Regional coverage including: BBC Online Scotland.


New York Times: Chicken’s weren’t always dinner for humans
The Guardian: Humanities are vital, science is vital. Stop treating them as opposites
The Guardian: Being Human festival offers a nightmare and walk on water
BBC News: Museum website says ‘homo-erotic’ is top 10 search
BBC Radio 3 – Free Thinking: Medical Surgery Past and Present
THE: Students perform in a cemetery to ‘give the dead a voice
THE: Tweeting philosopher launches book of short-form musings
THE: Pub crawl and ‘zombie walk’ win funding to promote humanities
The Times: Academics turn to flash mobs and zombies to bring humanities alive
The Guardian: The sweet smell of Amsterdam … and it’s not just cannabis, say odour mappers