Preparations for Within the Walls in York

Preparations for Within the Walls in York

The With the Walls team show us how they are preparing for the Open Afternoon-“Play with the Past” (or how to make Cliffords Tower…)Over the last weekend, this is what Katrina got up to:

photo 1

Lots of eggs boxes in the sink, in order to be made sodden and mushed up

Mulshed eggs boxes on top a wash basin

Mushed-up eggs boxes on top a wash basin

The mound is complete! Now for some architecture...

The mound is complete! Now for some architecture…

Kat's final rendering of Clifford's Tower (aka the Mince Pie!)

A half-finished Cliffords Tower (with authentic structural issues…)

Even had time to make a quick York Art Gallery (with Neo-Classical Facade). Although it is a mystery what it actually looks like currently!

Even had time to make the York Art Gallery. It is a mystery what it actually looks like currently, as it undergoing redevelopments. A statue of W.Etty is currently not included (yet!)

On Sat 22nd November, these buildings will be brought to Kings Manor and turned into ‘graffiti sculptures’ as part of the Being Human Festival. Visitors will be able to scribble their memories, thoughts, or impressions all over Cliffords Tower, the Art Gallery, the Shambles, and Minster! The point of this is to consider how we have different opinions about the city’s heritage. This links to the idea that human’s collective thoughts could impact how a city looks over time. So what will you write?

We’re also going to have a Pinterest Board. This will be used to create a community heritage exhibition, again dedicated to York. Pinterest is a digi-visual platform, and with this you can ‘pin’ places of importance to your memories. We’re going to start some already, so keep an eye out for our Pinterest site here next week.

Finally, the York Tactile Mapping Project will be joining us on the day. This project is dedicated to developing the:

“awareness of the needs of blind and partially sighted members of the community in York and the barriers to their engagement with the historic environment in order to widen participation”

The project is led by the York branch of the Young Archaeologists’ Club in partnership with the Council for British Archaeology and the Department of Archaeology at the University of York. They are kindly bringing along their tactile maps of different historic periods (including Roman and Early Medieval), which you can experience as a visually impaired person (VIP) with the use of specially prepared glasses. This means experiencing history through your fingertips!

York Tactile Maps: EDIT

A Tactile Map of York!

The Tactile Mapping Leaders at the recent YorNight

The Tactile Mapping Leaders at the recent YorNight

Ed, Victoria and Kat will be around during the event to discuss what ideas come to mind whilst interacting with these activities. This grand finale–as part of the Being Human Festival–will all be happening on Saturday 22nd November, at Kings Manor (Huntingdon Room 2pm-4pm). The event is free, refreshments will be available and all are welcome, of all ages too.

Please contact for more information.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

The Within the Walls team


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