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  • Westminster, Soho Poly

    The Soho Theatre at 50

    To mark the 50th anniversary of London’s renowned Soho Theatre, the University of Westminster has invited its co-founder, and original artistic director, Fred Proud to direct a reading of the theatre’s very first production – Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s One Autumn Evening. The play is a darkly comic thriller which examines where the responsibilities of the artist begin and end. The reading […]
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    Being Human ‘lost and found’

    Being Human ‘lost and found’ By Dr Michael Eades, Being Human festival curator The programme is live! Here is a whistle stop tour of what makes the Being Human festival unique. From local to global, from small activities to major hubs, find out what we’ve got planned for this year’s festival between 17-25 November on the theme of ‘lost and […]
  • The Other Place_ Making Mischief festival_ July 2016_2016_Photo by Sam Allard _c_ RSC_200168 Low Res

    Shakespeare’s emotions, lost and found

    How is emotion represented in Shakespeare’s plays, and what does this mean for us today? This event, aimed at college and university students, will explore both the familiarity and strangeness of emotional experience in Shakespeare’s writing. Join academics from the University of Birmingham’s Shakespeare Institute and theatre practitioners from the Royal Shakespeare Company as they discuss the drama, history, philosophy, theatrical […]
  • QUB_Schroeder_Hearing-Loss

    Hearing loss and found identities – the sound of silence

    Join this performance and workshop, aimed at those who have experienced sensory changes, such as hearing or sight impairment. The performance will present extracts of work including: The Unheard, an immersive theatre piece by Nessa Haynes in collaboration with Sonic Artist John D’Arcy about her experience of hearing loss; and dance performance Inside the Speaker by Helen Hall, a partially sighted […]
  • University of Hull Searching For Theatrical Ancestors web

    Searching for theatrical ancestors: lost and found

    This workshop will include a demonstration of the ‘Searching for theatrical ancestors’ website with an interactive talk by Professor Katharine Cockin, providing an introduction to researching theatre history archives. Come along and discuss theatrical ancestors with Katherine and have the opportunity to deposit information about ‘stars found’ for the website. The AHRC ‘Searching for theatrical ancestors’ project makes theatre archive […]
  • University of Leicester Lost and Found Shakespeare

    Lost and found Shakespeare

    In the past 20 years, scholars have discovered that Shakespeare wrote rather more than previously thought. Several of Shakespeare’s contributions to others’ plays were lost because his name did not appear on their title-pages and have only been recently rediscovered by the application of what is called computational stylistics. This talk will explain just how it is that scholars of literature […]