Evaluation materials

Please be aware that evaluation is an important part of participating in the festival and helps us to learn more about our audiences, improve our work and secure vital funding to ensure events remain free and the festival continues! If you have received funding from us, taking part in the evaluation is a condition of your funding.

It is crucially important that you share our attendee evaluation survey with audiences after your event. If you are organising an in-person event, whilst attendees should be encouraged to fill in the online survey, we recommend that you have some paper copies available at events should attendees wish to complete them (available to download below). However, please ensure that you follow all relevant COVID-19 guidelines. Please do not amend, remove or add any questions to the attendee survey.  

Please find further information in the Evaluation Guide which is available to download below. 


Being Human 2021 - Evaluation Guide PDF 725.86 KB
Being Human 2021 - Attendee Paper Survey (PDF) PDF 741.72 KB
Being Human 2021 - Attendee Paper Survey (Word doc) DOCX 70.82 KB
Being Human 2021 - Template for Event Organiser and Hub Coordinator Feedback (to assist in preparing answers for online form) DOCX 70.71 KB