Being human daily

Being human daily

Happy Monday! The work week kicked off with a new take on Shakespeare in Belfast, Sir Walter Raleigh’s insights on the sea in Truro and, in London, the opening of an exhibition of assistive technologies designed to help blind people read… Here’s a snapshot of some Being Human news.

At Finding Commonality: Hamlet in World Cinema, festival attendees took in the UK premiere of the ‘Hamlet’ adaptation, ‘Prince of the Himalayas’ (Director: Sherwood Hu, 2006), a Chinese production which uses the snowy landscapes, epic geography and holy sites of Tibet to present a tragedy of forgiveness rather than revenge. Director Sherwood Hu took questions from the audience in a dialogue about what we can learn about being human when we consider multiple points of view about one work of art.

Today in Turo, a series of events began focusing on our relationship to space, place and community. From a Cornish Window, began with a public talk reflecting upon how those living in coastal communities imagine their relationship with the sea. Attendees considered how the Cornish courtier, poet and pirate Sir Walter Raleigh represented the relationship between marine activity and political action in his poem Ocean to Cynthia as well as how modern representations of Raleigh perpetuate this association between conquest and the sea.

Also starting today in Swansea, Rediscovering Dylan started a week of events celebrating the life and legacy of Dylan Thomas. Not only were people across the country finding new ways to explore the work of one of Wales’s most celebrated sons, but the #BeingHuman14 twitter stream saw its first Welsh language tweets!

Here in London, a variety of books are now on display in the form of embossed print, talking book records, optophones, and other technologies gathered from centres dedicated to preserving the heritage of blindness. Visitors to the exhibit had a chance to see, hear, and touch different types of books, “How We Read” explores the many ways in which we do something as simple as read a book.

Across the country there were more events than we can do justice to here, from explorations of dementia and King Leer in Birmingham, to audio walks across Hull in the footsteps of Walter Benjamin. Follow the latest news @BeingHumanFest!

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