Hidden spaces, hidden voices


Hidden spaces, hidden voices

Warwick University Against Prejudice_Ira Aldridge in CoventryAgainst prejudice: Ira Aldridge in Coventry 1828, University of Warwick

Slavery was still legal in Britain’s colonies when African American actor Ira Aldridge became manager of the Coventry Theatre. Join us to honour this amazing achievement with a drama-documentary and a night-time procession to the site of the long-lost playhouse where he and the city made history. With scenes, speeches and songs from Aldridge’s Coventry season performed by professional actors and members of the Belgrade Theatre’s Youth Choir.

Image credit: © Manchester Art Gallery
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Institute of Historical Research Night At The MuseumNight at the library: books of hope and fear, Institute of Historical Research, School of Advanced Study, University of London

An immersive historical escape game on the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London. Guided by historians, librarians and some very special guests from the past, participants will explore the Charles Holden-designed library of the Institute of Historical Research as they solve a series of puzzles based on the Great Fire. ‘Night at the library’ will also challenge your views of the Great Fire, uncovering early modern fears about terrorism, religion, immigration and the hope of rebuilding.

Image credit: Courtesy, Gresham College
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University of Sussex The Art of Lying_The Trials of Harvey MatusowThe art of lying: two evenings with Harvey Matusow, University of Sussex

This two-night programme investigates Harvey Matusow, the one-time Communist turned celebrity FBI informant who re-invented himself as a champion of London’s 1960s arts scene and writer for the infamous Oz magazine. It includes never-before-seen material from Matusow’s archive at the University of Sussex Special Collections, and a performance of The Trials of Harvey Matusow, an acclaimed one-man show which offers an affecting and sometimes hilarious portrait of the man behind the act.

Image credit: Courtesy University of Sussex
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Oxford Hope and Fear at Crossbones GraveyardHope and fear at Crossbones Graveyard, University of Oxford

For 20 years John Constable, a Southwark poet, playwright and urban shaman, has performed rituals at Crossbones, a burial ground for paupers and medieval sex workers. The dialogue between him and Professor Sondra Hausner, author of The Spirits of Crossbones Graveyard, will expand into a full-blown shamanistic performance, followed by the Vigil, which marks the 20th anniversary of the vision that inspired Constable’s The Southwark Mysteries and the establishment of today’s Crossbones shrine and garden.

Image credit: © Katy Nicholls
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Newcastle University Scaling the Heights Download permissionsScaling the heights: mountains and vertical megastructures, University of Newcastle

We invite you to experience the long history and mesmerising appeal of all things high and mighty through the dramatic ‘Everest Death Zone’ installation suspended in the vast, dark, vertical space of the Tyne Bridge’s North Tower, a performance by the vertical urban explorer and photographer, Lucinda Grange, and bus tours of local artificial mountains and megastructures.

Image credit: Public domain
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the-national-archives-queer-and-the-state-1Queer and the State, The National Archives

The National Archives and the London Metropolitan Archives invite 16 to 25-year-olds to take part in workshops based on LGBTQ+ experiences past and present. Participants will delve into previously closed police and government files and newly released oral testimonies to explore how queer spaces were spied on and discover the resilience of the community in response.

Image credit: ©Anna Burel 2016
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