Get spooked this November

Get spooked this November

Get spooked this November

We’ve got some super scary events taking place this November, so if you need more spooky adventures post-Halloween, take a look and get booking!  Dundee - Ghost writing - Shutterstock - Copyright Still AB

This year, the University of Dundee have a series of events set to terrify and stupefy on the theme of Mary Shelley’s Dundee. Through an exhibition, performance, screenings and walks, the university plans to re-animate Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. These events include the Dead Dundee walking tour, a tongue-in-cheek tour that will revisit places the young Shelley would have known in the 1810s as well as sites that continue to inspire gothic writers and artists.

Also in Scotland, the University of Aberdeen will be building on a hugely successful 2014 event to ask how you celebrate Halloween and bonfire night. Do you carve a pumpkin or neepie lantern? Dook for apples? Go guising, or trick-or-treating? Come and join the conversation!

Taking place in Wales in the Ceredigion Museum, is a Gothic extravaganza run by Aberystwyth University, aptly named The Quantified Romantics. This event will attempt to monitor your terror with bio-metric trackers, as you’re enclosed in dark surroundings and enveloped by Gothic imagery and literature.

South Wales - GRAVEYARD VOICES (2)

If you feel like a bit of graveyard exploring, why not join the University of South Wales on their graveyard tour of Cathays Cemetery? Filled with Victorian Gothic mortuary chapels, actors and musicians will bring the history of this unique site to life through presentations of stories about those buried in the cemetery. These ‘Graveyard voices’ span the Victorian era well into the 20th century and range from the rich, heroic or esteemed to the profoundly tragic and impoverished.

In Northern England, Northumbria University will be exploring the witch trials of 17th-century Newcastle upon Tyne, and bringing things into the 20th century with a screening of the cult classic Witchfinder General. In Yorkshire, meanwhile, the University of Leeds, in partnership with the Thackery Medical Museum, will be bringing some wonderfully eerie Newes from the Dead. What does it feel like to be hanged for infanticide and revived on the anatomy table? This event will reveal all!

Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery will be taken over by ‘Being Supernatural’. The event promises to illustrate how animals and supernatural beings in medieval literature can have relevance to everyday lives today. It also features performances of ‘Bisclavret’ (the Werewolf) by the Liverpool University Players.

These are just some of ghoulish, ghostly and gory events spooking out the Being Human programme. Check out our full listings for more here.