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This discussion and Q&A, by contemporary genre fiction scholar Dr Stephen Butler, explores the representation of witches in comics with particular reference to James Robinson and multiple artists’ Scarlet Witch (Marvel) and Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda’s Monstress (Image). Robinson was the first to explore the magical side of Wanda Maximoff and does so by referencing the witch trials of both Salem and Logroño to make the point that these trials were mostly used to punish women for their femininity, often with a religious element to it. He also draws attention to the monstrous othering of the Romani people and this combination of gender and ethnicity is one more thoroughly explored in Monstress. Chinese-American author Liu uses both the monstress and witch tropes to explore her own mixed heritage whilst Takeda’s Japanese art-work subtly comments on the monstering of the Japanese after the Second World War.

Please note: this is an in person event that will be live streamed online.