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On 14 November 1940 Coventry was subjected to a devastating air raid which changed the face of the city forever. Although borne from disaster, the Coventry Blitz presented city architect, Donald Gibson, with the opportunity to realise his vision for the ‘future’ Coventry. This talk will examine plans outlining the post-war reconstruction of Coventry and consider how such images evoke the desire to create a modern, ambitious urban centre to express the optimism of a country emerging from war. The audience are invited to share their memories of Coventry, using the images as a reference point to recall their experiences of post-war reconstruction. A number of city centre landmarks and public buildings will be discussed, including the Locarno Dancehall, Coventry Cathedral, Broadgate Square, the Lady Godiva Clock and the Precinct. Using photographs and with the help of the audience, this talk will offer an insight into visions of Coventry’s post-war future.