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Does migration have a history? What stories remain from the archives about people who move countries and resettle elsewhere? Migration, in its many forms, transformed 19th-century life around the world. In this workshop, join leading researchers and artists working on the 19th-century histories of migration in the context of empire.

Get introduced to the real-life stories of people who moved – or who were forced to move – in the 19th-century through their letters, diaries and published accounts of migration. There will be an opportunity to engage creatively with this material, and to share your own migration stories in a hands-on participatory workshop to create a piece of artwork.

This will go on to form part of an installation that will go on display in the Museum for everyone to see. The workshop will be accompanied by a guided tour from the curator of the Museum’s current exhibition, Departures. Bring history to life with art in this workshop and learn something new.