Who do you think we were?

Who do you think we were? | Durham University

A taste of the past

‘A taste of the past’ presents a series of interactive activities, tastings, a poster exhibition and live music, all connected to medieval food. Featuring the story of the earliest medieval recipe collection, associated with Durham Cathedral, the event will look at medieval food in a wider compass: how was food sourced, prepared, preserved and eaten? What was medieval food? Working with the modern restaurant kitchen at Blackfriars brings all of this into a contemporary perspective, with insights from the restaurant bringing this cuisine to the table, and with a delicious musical accompaniment.

Lost voices from the North-East

Listen in to echoes from the past, when All Hallows’ Eve struck fear in people’s souls!

‘Lost voices’ retrieves and presents voices, melodies, and popular traditions in the North-East, from Anglo-Saxon to Victorian times. The show includes songs which inspired Stevie Smith, Walter Scott, and Dylan Thomas, haunting soul dirges, fire-and-brimstone preaching by Puritans, dances for the dead, worm ballads, and silent creatures of the night. With Hector Sequera, Barbara Ravelhofer, musicians, singers, a dragon, and a wild horse. Want to know more about music, theatre and performance traditions in Durham and beyond?

Raptures of the deep: free-diving film night

Free-divers can seem like super humans. They have extraordinary, seemingly implausible, control over their bodies, particularly their breathing, and offer a fascinating insight into the connection between mind and body. A series of short films featuring record breakers including Johanna Nordblad, Guillaume Néry and Wim Hof, will set the scene for discussing why the experience of losing the breath can both terrifying and exhilarating with free-diver David Dupuis, artist Emma Critchley and researchers Rebecca Oxley and Arthur Rose.