Sensing the past

Sensing the past | University of Chester

Sounds of Chester

This is a digital event running throughout the festival. Record and share your sounds of contemporary Chester on Twitter. Reveal your memories of lost sounds from around the city. Use #soundsofchester to participate online.

Navigating prehistoric landscapes

Join a virtual foraging expedition and learn how prehistoric people used their senses to navigate their landscape 10,000 years ago, and have a go at using replica stone tools to work the plant materials that they would have collected. Attendance is via free tickets which can be booked here but please note that places are limited. This is part of the Sensing the Past series of events which also includes The Botanic Sensorium and Sounds of Chester.

The botanic sensorium

Come and experience Dr John Hope’s botanical teaching sensorium. Find out how people learned about plants using their senses in the late eighteenth-century through the re-enactment of an Enlightenment botanic lecture. Then have a go at sketching botanical specimens, find out why herbariums are important and appreciate the beauty of botanic teaching diagrams.