Mapping the Borders


Mapping the Borders | University of Sunderland

Pop-up talks

  • Map curator Chris Fleet from the National Library of Scotland will take us through time and space with the wonderful collection of maps of the Scottish Borders in its collection.
  • Professor Ysanne Holt will talk about the visual and material culture of the Anglo-Scottish borderland space of common resources, ecologies, skills and patterns of existence.
  • Inge Panneels is a Borders based artist and will give an overview of artists who ‘map the borders’. You can see her work can be seen in the corresponding exhibition in Island Street during the Being Human festival week.
  • Professor Mike Collier leads the W.A.L.K (Walking, Art, Knowledge and Landscape) at the University of Sunderland and will discuss the notion of walking (the border) as an artistic practice.
  • Dr Andrew Richardson will discuss the digital mapping of the ‘lost and found’ literary clues which describe the landscape of the Scottish Borders.
  • Artists Clare Money, Zoe Childerley, Alec Finlay and John Wallace will talk about their work.

Mapping the Borders, Jedburgh

As part of Mapping the Borders, a full day of activities will take place in the border town of Jedburgh, with activities centred around The Bakery Studio, at the rear of 11A Exchange Street in Jedburgh (TD8 6BH). See the link above for the full day’s programme. Please note that some activities need to be booked separately.

Glass map making workshop

Make your own glass map of the Scottish Borders using the historical map collection at the National Library of Scotland as a starting point.  You will learn basic glass making techniques such as etching and engraving to build up a multi layered glass map. No previous experience required. All materials supplied. Frame can be taken home afterwards for £10. Please bring your own lunch. Tea and coffee will be provided.

Mapping the Borders (exhibition)

This exhibition will showcase the work of artists Clare Money, Zoe Childerley, Kate Foster, Mike Collier, Alec Finlay, Andrew Richardson, Inge Panneels and John Wallace.

The artists each have ‘mapped’ different aspects of the Borders landscape and culture through photography, pastels, sculpture and poetry, installation, glass and digital applications. Each artwork will be paired with a corresponding map from the region from the National Library of Scotland collection.