LitLong – exploring Edinburgh’s digital literary cityscape

LitLong – exploring Edinburgh’s digital literary cityscape | University of Edinburgh

LitLong Edinburgh – making paths through a literary city

LitLong Edinburgh is a unique way of putting the city’s literary history on the map. Working with huge collections of digitised books and with selected publishers, a dataset has been created of around 50,000 excerpts from stories, novels, memoirs, and travel writing which make Edinburgh their setting. But a map is a still thing – cities are places of movement. In this boots-on event, come along to meet writers, artists and critics who together will trace out some of the many dimensions of literary path-making – from trailblazing to orienteering, and from charging ahead to meandering along

Lost literary Edinburgh – a Wikipedia editathon

Edinburgh has a long literary history, and many famous authors have made the city their setting and subject. But it’s also a place rich in voices and stories which are now just the faintest of echoes around its streets and tenements. The LitLong app and web resource recovers some of these lives and stories, giving them back to the city and its readers. But LitLong users rely on the common store of knowledge built up elsewhere online, so in this event come along to add to that store by creating and improving Wikipedia pages for neglected or overlooked authors in the LitLong database.