Let’s get lost. Southampton as the Situationist city

Let’s get lost. Southampton as the Situationist city | Southampton Solent University

Lost and found: traces, spectres and contemporary art in Southampton

Join us and experience unheard individual and collective stories linked to the city of Southampton through images, sounds, objects and spaces. Get involved in exploring the map of hidden narratives, highlighted by contemporary artists evoking distant voices, absences and presences. Let’s get lost and found, and lost again to explore the city in a new way. Contribute to unique artworks, create your own map of experiences and participate in a collective exhibition.

Sound Walking

The public are invited to walk an audible desire line through the soundscape of Southampton. This line maps a journey through the sounds of the present and previous landscape: provided with a visual map of sonic pins, the audience can find and thread them together in any desired order and at a pace (and time) of their own choosing. The pinned locations will focus on identified sound marks in the everyday landscape. Field- recording will be used to create imaginary temporal and spatial soundscapes for each location, composed with the intention of mingling recorded sounds with those occurring presently.

Knit the Walls

Join artist Sarah Filmer at the iconic God’s House Tower for ‘Knit the Walls’, a participatory project, offering the opportunity to contribute to a community art work for future exhibition.

‘Knit the Walls’, featuring artist Deborah Gearing, consists of a 4 hour event connected to the research and multi-artist project ‘God’s House Tower – A reincarnation’. The event has a crucial participatory aspect, as visitors will be involved in knitting a woollen version of Southampton’s medieval walls, discussing with the artist the hidden ‘herstories’ embedded in those walls and thinking how they can creatively access and/or re‑imagine those stories.

Call for contributions for exhibitions – ‘Mapping Lost and Found’ and ‘The Museum of Dustology’

Take the unique opportunity to contribute to unique artworks, creating your own map of experiences and participating in two collective exhibitions, ‘Mapping Lost and Found‘ and ‘The Museum of Dustology‘, to be opened on the Thursday 23 November 4:30pm-7:00pm in The Spark Atrium of Southampton Solent University.

There will be two collection points: ‘The Maps Clinic’ collecting customised maps from members of the public, and ‘The Dustology Clinic’, where a ‘dustology trainee’ will collect dust samples.

Mapping Lost and Found

Join us for the final evening of the Being Human Festival in Southampton featuring a varied programme of exciting events:

  • Tour of ‘Embodied Memories’ by artist and lecturer Jennifer Anyan | 4:30pm-5:00pm
  • Launch of the ‘The Museum of Dustology’, installation by ‘Chief Dustologist’ Dr Atsu Ito | 5:00pm-6:00pm
  • Opening of the collaborative exhibition ‘Mapping Lost and Found’