Healing through archives in partnership with Numbi Arts

© Numbi arts Archive: Rio cafe Hiddo Raac” Somali presence and living histories of East End of London

Healing through archives in partnership with Numbi Arts | London Metropolitan Archives

A Voyage Into the Past

Join us for a workshop at London Metropolitan Archives with Paul Dudman from the Refugee Council Archive, to introduce and share what an archive does and the importance of holding records as collective memory. There will be an opportunity to view and handle original documents that refer to the life of the Somali seamen that lived in East London.

You will then be invited to do a ‘Hido Raac’ with Numbi arts, a walking odyssey exploring the Somali presence and living histories of East London. The heritage walk will set off to explore the entangled, enveloped, co-constitutive narratives of commerce, culture and colonialism between Somali peoples and the city.

Beauty of Craftsmanship

Come and enjoy a taste of Somali culture with an afternoon of talks, weaving and object handling. Enjoy the new Somali object display in Room 24 (the Wellcome Trust Gallery of Living and Dying) and hear how it was developed by the Museum’s Object Journeys project community partners.

Followed by a practical workshop session with Numbi Arts to recreate traditional basketry using recycled material. There be an opportunity to share stories and to learn new skills. This will be then presented in a pop-up exhibition which will provide a counterpoint display widening understanding of how the displaying of objects can both reveal and conceal aspects of history.