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'Sanctuary Stories' is an afternoon of crafting and storytelling where together the group will discuss what sanctuary means for refugees in the UK. The definition of sanctuary is a refuge or safety from pursuit, persecution, or other danger. What does sanctuary for refugees mean? What does it look like or feel like? How do you know when you're in it? Is it a place or a feeling? Who are the people who make sanctuary or refugees welcome?

Led by Social Fabric, the group will use the theme of sanctuary to make textile artworks together. By making and creating together, the group will find ways to tell the stories that matter and get to the heart of life for refugees in the UK today. The event will be held in partnership with Refugee Cafe, a social enterprise for refugees and asylum seekers in Lewisham, who make delicious food from around the world.

The event is suitable for anyone who has experienced displacement or being a refugee in the Lewisham area.