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The COVID-19 pandemic has evoked a wide range of social, cultural, and political changes which have informed how we experience our everyday lives. During this time, our bodies and minds have changed. In this art-based workshop, you will explore how your body and emotions have changed during COVID-19. The group will focus on the relationship between what we feel (for example, through touch or smell) and how we can represent it through drawing and visual media. Take a look at how artists have tried to make sense of COVID-19, mental health, and emotions through their work, and create your own piece of art based on your body experiences with the help of an expert artist. You may produce a comic strip or piece of work and be invited to contribute to a ‘zine’ to share with others. No previous experience is required!

Participants will be provided with digital workshop materials prior to the event, including a short resource guide, containing graphic illustration examples and some reading materials.