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Emerging from the long months of lockdown we have all encountered the defamiliarization of space. Places that we now experience differently, paths that we once followed daily are now having to be relearnt, renewed in their instinctive familiarity. What can we gain from treading these paths a new, from exploring familiar spaces afresh? Encountering the memories they hold, the awareness of the present and the potential of what could be. We are inviting everyone to explore spaces once more.

This online event will provide you with the tools and inspiration to take your own renewed journey. We will premiere a new film by young writers from Barking and Dagenham as they revisit space and renew their connections with their local area, as well as introducing you to the Renewed Paths Journey Guides to support you in exploring your own paths. The event is a collaboration between young people from Write Back and researchers from the Stay Home Stories project.

(Suitable for ages 8+).