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Come along to this virtual screening of The Icon and the Iconoclast, a short film directed by Vilasini Ramani, based on a conversation that reportedly happened between Periyar E.V. Ramasamy and Mahatma Gandhi in the year 1927.

Over this conversation, Periyar, a rationalist anti-caste leader from South India and the key figure of the Dravidian Movement, and Mahatma Gandhi, the well-known pacifist leader of the Indian Independence Movement, discuss their views on religion. Where Gandhi, a believing Hindu, argued that it was possible to reform Hinduism from within, Periyar, an atheist, was sceptical of attempts to reform Hinduism. The film also shows how two thinkers with radically different views on religion could nevertheless have a respectful dialogue with each other.

The Icon and the Iconoclast features Kishore as Periyar, Salmin Sheriff as Gandhi and Swami as S. Ramanathan, a close associate of Periyar. The director and actors will be available for questions following the screening.