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Local secondary schools are invited to this day full of activities on the South Pennine moors exploring its past, present and future. From the wartime experiences of the Trenches of the Western Front to Mesolithic archaeology, discover the reach history of the moors and it's role in society. It was on the South Pennines that archaeologist Francis Buckley put his military training to use to create one of the most important archaeological excavations in Britain.

It will be a day packed with creativity, including poetry and discussion with Radio 3 presenter and Yorkshire poet Ian McMillan, a workshop for young adults and a talk exploring Francis’ life from the Trenches of the Somme, back to the hills of Marsden. Weather permitting it will also include a walk to visit some of the key sites of Francis’ research.

Please note: this event is open to local secondary schools only. Please contact the organiser with any enquiries.