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Our senses form our window into the world. Join pianist and composer Dr Xenia Pestova Bennett, psychoacoustician Dr Charalampos Saitis, and digital luthier-researcher Prof Andrew McPherson to learn about how associations between the senses support uniquely human forms of communication like colour and music.

This art-science conversation will feature a live performance of Dr Pestova-Bennett’s semi-improvised work Glowing Radioactive Elements (2018, 25’), which consists of five interwoven movements, each exploring different timbral techniques for the Magnetic Resonator Piano. The MRP is an innovative instrument designed by Prof McPherson that uses electromagnets suspended above the piano strings to “shape” resonance from the keyboard while retaining the use of the original action. Each movement is associated with a radioactive element and its “colour” signature. Between the movements Dr Saitis will examine how these quasi-synaesthetic poetic associations encourage interplay between artistic expression and listener by conversing with audience members and recording their timbre-colour perceptions evoked during the performance.

Doors open at 19:30 for a 20:00 start.