Writing a history of the future

Writing a history of the future


Friday 18 November | 14.00–16.00

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Ever wondered what the future will look like? Join us to celebrate one of the first ‘histories of the future’, written by Wallasey-born author Olaf Stapledon. Published in 1930, Stapledon’s Last and First Men hypothesised what our future would look like millions of years from now from the perspective of the ‘last men’. We will explore some of his ideas about the future, such as changes to the environment, to nations, and indeed to humanity, and consider the historical context of ‘last’ and ‘first’ men. Most importantly, however, participants will invent, write, and draw their own ‘histories of the future’, some of which will be included in a time capsule to be opened by future citizens of Liverpool.

Free Admission | Booking required
This event is part of the University of Liverpool’s series Fears of the past, hopes for the future

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Led by: University of Liverpool