Women explorers: crossing cultures

Women explorers: crossing cultures


Sunday 20 November | 10.30–16.15

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When the explorer Mary Kingsley first sights the coast of West Africa in 1893, she admits she is terrified. Fear can often steer our encounters with those different from ourselves, but Mary Kingsley and other British women explorers turned that fear to hope. They opened our eyes to other cultures and expanded our understanding of what it means to be human. Did their gender help them to see the world differently? Come and help us answer that question by joining us for a day of talks about women explorers and travellers, and doing some of your own exploring at our exhibition and in our family-friendly creative workshops.

 Full programme

 10.30-11.30 Understanding the ‘Dark Continent’: British Women and Africa

Come and hear about the explorer Mary Kingsley, famous for her expeditions to West Africa, and the poet, traveller, and race campaigner, Nancy Cunard, in talks by Dr. Lisa Regan and Dr. Sandeep Parmar from the University of Liverpool. We’ll explore both women’s fascinating local connections with Liverpool and their inspiring global legacies for advancing African interests in Europe and the US. (For ages 11+)

 12.00-13.00 Fossils, butterflies and ancient civilisations

Women explorers crossed cultures to build new knowledge as well as forge new relationships. Join Dr. Claire Jones (University of Liverpool) and Dr. Ashley Cooke (World Museum) to hear about Margaret Fountaine’s global travels in search of butterflies, Margaret Stopes’s fossil hunting in Japan, and Amelia Edwards’s journeying up the Nile.  (For ages 11+)

14.00-16.45 Live literature event and poetry reading

Join poet and writer Nancy Campbell whose acclaimed work is inspired by a series of residences in the Arctic.

Young explorers workshop (13.00-16.00)

Join us for an afternoon exploring nature and history and have fun doing craft projects based on your own experience as an explorer in Liverpool’s World Museum.
(For ages up to 11)

Poetry Polar tombola (14.00 – 16.00)

Drop in to play the Polar Tombola and be introduced to the endangered Kallaallisut language of Greenland.

Poetry Reading (16.15 – 16.45)

This events concludes with a poetry reading. (For ages 11+)

Free Admission | Booking required
This event is part of the University of Liverpool’s series Fears of the past, hopes for the future and part of Continuing Education’s programme of short courses, lectures, workshops and free events.

Event enquiries: clairegj@liverpool.ac.uk
Led by: University of Liverpool
In partnership with: World Museum