Walking the start of Via Francigena

Walking the start of Via Francigena


Sunday 20 November | 09.00–15.00

Walk in the footsteps of medieval pilgrims in this 12-mile walk past the World Heritage sites of Canterbury Cathedral, Saint Augustine’s Abbey and St Martin’s Church, achieving a multisensory immersion in the historic human experience of walking long-distance to dwell on one’s hopes and fears. Pilgrims, in the present or in the past, are exposed to all weathers, often travelling along dangerous and difficult terrain, through foreign lands where they must rely on strangers for their most basic needs. The walk begins at Canterbury Cathedral and ends at Shepherdswell and is led by Julia Peters, who walked to Rome in 2015. Participants will return to Canterbury by train.

Free Admission | No booking required
This event is part of the University of Kent’s series All roads lead to poems/All odes lead to Rome

Event enquiries: r.laurence@kent.ac.uk
Led by: University of Kent www.kent.ac.uk

In partnership with: The European Association of the Vie Francigene | The Green Pilgrimage Network