Voices from the edge

Voices from the edge

University of Exeter hub

Series Summary

Drawing together activities across Devon and Cornwall, our most southerly hub explores different ways of existing ‘on the edge’. What does it mean to be on the edges – of nation, gender, sexuality, death, art, sport, fashion – that guide our daily lives?

From confronting the terror and humanity of war in conversation with a former ISIS captive through rehearsing dying and unsettling sexual and gender identities, and from encountering Otherness in storytelling, poetry, writing, and translation to capturing fear, hope, beauty and nostalgia through photography, Exeter’s hub will look over the edge of the realm of the everyday to see what makes us human today.

Event highlights include a ‘phantasmagoria’ of Gothic stories, mediaeval music and special effects; discussions with refugees from Syria; activities exploring the dystopian visions of William Golding and an afternoon of storytelling and performance inspired by the ‘wonder and dread’ we find in tales of strange lands and little-known cultures.


Saturday 19 November–Thursday 24 November

Stories from Syria: accounts from the Syrian civil war  (Part of the Stories from Syria series)


Thursday 17 November

Looking at football: an intimate view of a football ground

Friday 18 November

Staging mortality: provocation and conversation

Sunday 20 November

Wonder and dread: Slavic tales of foreign lands and wild people

Monday 21 November

‘Dangerous’ influences: in the archive with Radclyffe Hall

Tuesday 22 November

Syrian voices: chinks of light (Part of the Stories from Syria series)

Wednesday 23 November

Tale of Two Syrias screening (Part of the Stories from Syria series)
Coat tales: the stories clothes tell
Poetry of the Lancashire cotton famine
Engaging with dystopia: William Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies’
A Hollantide phantasmagoria (first performance)


Thursday 24 November

What is ‘healing’ in the twenty-first century?
Stories from Syria: accounts from the Syrian civil war (Part of the Stories from Syria series)

Friday 25 November

A Hollantide phantasmagoria (second performance)

Led by: University of Exeter
In partnership with: Exeter City Football Club & Supporters Trust | The Heritage Lottery Fund | Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery