Sex, love and robots

Sex, love and robots


Thursday 24 November| 19.00–21.00

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In this adults-only evening session, Lynne Hall and Clarissa Smith consider the more subversive ideas sprung from artificial intelligence and robot technology. They will lead participants on a journey through the ways in which sex and love embody some of our deepest (and darkest) hopes and fears. How will new technologies, particularly robots, impact our relationships? Can robots ‘consent’? Should people be able to marry their robot lover? Will robots be flawed like us, or impeccably perfect? What might all this tell us about the possible futures of sexuality? Lightning talks will be followed by interactive discussion.

Free Admission | Booking required
This event is part of University of Sunderland’s series Future Perfect: being human in the 21st century

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Led by: University of Sunderland