Meat the machine: we Cyborg!

Meat the machine: we Cyborg!


Friday 18 November | 18.50–21.00

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In 1923, geneticist J B S Haldane presented a prophetic paper to the Heretics society in Cambridge concerning man’s conquest, first of space and time, then of his own body. How far away are we from the genetic manipulation of a new species of human life: cyber Homo sapiens, Human v2.0? In this special event, we consider what it means to be human in an age of cyber-citizenry and in a world that we shall soon share with machines and robots that will move among us. The event will open with a series of provocative introductory talks exploring themes of the cyber-human, followed by a moderated discussion that promises to be absorbing and lively.

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Led by: De Montfort University