Down and out in Paris and London (exhibition)

Down and out in Paris and London (exhibition)


Monday 21 November–Friday 25 November | 10.00–20.00 (Closed Tuesday)

It has never been easier or faster than it is today to travel between Paris and London, and yet for some the route and the reason remains difficult and dangerous. For the 2016 Being Human Festival, the research team of the Paris Centre for Migrant Writing and Expression (University of London Institute in Paris) has coordinated a series of translation laboratories with asylum seekers living in France and unable to complete their intended journey to Great Britain. Starting with short extracts of texts by writers such as Voltaire or Jules Vallès, participants have translated in the broadest sense of the term: writing, adapting, photographing and literally translating work into other languages. For one week only these materials are on display in London, having made a journey that many of its creators cannot.

Free Admission | No booking required
This event is part the University of London’s series Ministry of Hope and Fear
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Led by: University of London Institute in Paris