There is no single destination

There is no single destination


Talk: Thursday 17 November 18.00–20.00 (presentation)
Exhibition: Thursday 17 November–Friday 25 November 10.00–17:00 (closed Sunday and Monday)” 18.00–20.00

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Taking place within the context of a visual art exhibition, ‘There is no single destination’ focuses on some of the experiential aspects of being human. Supported by academics from various disciplines across the University of Edinburgh, this public forum will use the mechanics of Rob Kennedy’s exhibition ‘acts of dis play’ to pull apart the constructs of the world around us. Based on three key foundations – the difficulty language has in interpreting thought and experience; the ambiguous quality of objects; the question of how much experience is manifested by habits, desires and needs – the event and exhibition unsettle the convention of the ‘explanation’ to foster an empowering, uncertain and open series of encounters. Guided through different and strange experiences, participants will form contrasting interpretations and rediscover, ‘There is no single destination.’

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Led by: The University of Edinburgh