A moveable feast: being human in Paris

A moveable feast: being human in Paris


Wednesday 23 November | 18.00–20.00

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After the horrific attacks in Paris last November, people laid copies of Ernest Hemingway’s *Moveable Feast* on improvised shrines dotted around the areas affected. The title in French, ‘Paris est une fête’ was a defiant refusal of the terror that had been unleashed upon the city. But why a text written by an American about the expatriate community? This roundtable led by Professor Sarah Churchwell in Ernest Hemingway’s old stamping ground of Montparnasse in Paris, will be an opportunity to reflect on the significance of American culture for Paris and where we are now, one year after ‘Bataclan’. This is the first Being Human event in continental Europe and offers a chance to reflect on why the humanities matter more than ever today.

Free admission | Booking required

Led by: University of London Institute in Paris
In partnership with:School of Advanced Study | University of Kent, Paris