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Hercules Café

12 November, 2020, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

This is an online event.

This Café session offers an autistic perspective on the “New Worlds” theme of this year’s Being Human festival. Dealing with specific situations can be a challenge for anyone, but especially an autistic person, for whom “New Worlds” can seem like “alien” places where one feels like an outsider rather than a participant.

Join the mythological hero Hercules in this 1-hour online café for autistic children and their families. Meet Hercules as he discovers a new place, filled with many objects. Think about how Hercules takes in information about the place and about how he processes the emotions he experiences. Take breaks inspired by the food and drink that Hercules finds among his surroundings. Reflect on your own experiences of entering places for the first time.

The event is designed for autistic children aged c. 7-11 and their families. The event might be suitable for other children, and adults, too. Anyone interested in taking part is urged to contact the “barista” and organiser (Professor Susan Deacy, s.deacy@roehampton.ac.uk) to discuss the relevance of the café for them.

The activity is adapted from activities for a European Research Council-funded project Our Mythical Childhood (2016-2021) which comprises tasks for autistic children based on what happens when Hercules reaches a curious, multi-sensory place.

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