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‘Carbon 31’ (exhibition)

19 November, 2017, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Join us for photographer Rosy Maguire’s new exciting exhibition.

‘Carbon 31’ discloses an insight into the remains of a house accidentally destroyed by a fire in Southampton, the lost belongings, the memories and ghostly traces of lives lived within those walls.

Artist statement: In many respects, taking flight is a contradiction to how life is often lived. People settle in places, they gather objects around them; homes are made and the narratives of life are woven around things that are considered to be fixed. To take flight therefore requires that some things are left behind, that places are vacated and objects dispensed with. Memories perhaps forgotten. Such a rupture implies a calculation. What to take and what to leave behind? Sometimes, taking flight is not planned, it is sudden. Indeed, as these photographs suggest, the event can be catastrophic, allowing little time for careful decisions. Yet, in a moment of crisis it can be revealing of how the traces that are left behind begin to tell stories of the life that was and perhaps now may be. Curiously, fire, the destroyer of all things, can leave its own trace, like the photograph fixes a moment in time and place. A moment to be pondered in the new present, or to be simply remembered.

This event is part of the series Let’s get lost. Southampton as the Situationist city
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Rosy Maguire: rosy.maguire@solent.ac.uk


19 November, 2017
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


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Southampton Solent University, The Dancing Man Brewery, Solent Showcase Gallery
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Rosy Maguire: rosy.maguire@solent.ac.uk


The Dancing Man Brewery
1 Bugle St
Southampton, SO14 2AR United Kingdom
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