• Being Human at the British Museum

    25 September, 2017

    By the Being Human team | The team reveal an exciting preview event taking place at the British Museum on Friday 20 October. The event will be a ‘treasures smackdown’ with experts exploring the Museum’s lost and found hoards.

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  • Being Human across the globe

    31 August, 2017

    By Michael Eades | With events taking place in four countries outside of the UK, programming will explore this year’s ‘lost and found’ theme from a more international perspective covering everything from Trump to endangered archaeology.

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  • Broadening horizons – Being Human 2017

    25 June, 2017

    By Sarah Churchwell | Our festival director talks about this year’s festival in context, our upcoming programme and our theme ‘lost and found’. This post also includes a sneak peek of some of this year’s events.

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  • I came from Egypt on foot

    9 January, 2017

    By Dr Anna-Louise Milne | During the Autumn, a number of translation laboratories took place with migrants and refugees living in Paris. The material from these became the focus for an exhibition during the festival.

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  • Cultures of hope and fear in Nottingham

    25 November, 2016

    By Professor Maiken Umbach | We asked the University of Nottingham’s festival advocate a few question about their programme Cultures of hope and fear, which explores Nottingham as a crucible of religions and peoples from around the world.

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  • Conceiving histories

    23 November, 2016

    By Dr Isabel Davis | What was pregnancy like for people in the past? Isabel Davis tells us about her upcoming event Conceiving histories, which looks at the history of conception during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

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