• ‘First of the Feathers’ : Soldiers and Suffragettes

    9 November, 2018

    Check out this post from Leah, author of the immersive play ‘First of the Feathers’. Read her opinions about suffragettes and their role in the First World War, as she challenges our perceptions of history.

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  • Modern Words from Medieval Ireland

    7 November, 2018

    In this post, Sharon takes us on a fun exploration of etymology and medieval Irish words ahead of her Being Human event. Have a read and explore the ‘Words You Didn’t Know You Needed’. 

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  • Frankenstein Returns : University of Dundee Hub 

    31 October, 2018

    For this spooky special blog post we spoke to Daniel Cook, who shines a light on the Being Human programme at our Dundee hub for 2018. Read on and find out how ‘Frankenstein Returns’ to Dundee.

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  • Sustaining Narratives – Journeys in Place and Time: Exeter Hub

    25 October, 2018

    In this post, Sanja takes us through the wide range of events happening at our festival hub in Exeter. From sustainable eating to LGBTQ+ activism, take a tour of Exeter’s programme for Being Human 2018!

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  • Is this the ‘End of Gender?’

    23 October, 2018

    Read what Rob has to say about ‘End of Gender?’, an immersive exploration into genderqueer wardrobes, using Virtual Reality (VR) technology. With ‘male’ and ‘female’ roles rapidly evolving in society, could this be the end of gender?

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  • A ‘New Mecca’ for today?

    18 October, 2018

    In this post, Emma West explores how a chance archival discovery has enriched our understanding of Cardiff’s Temple of Peace, and how a new Being Human festival event seeks to recapture the building’s original purpose.

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