• Being Social: Being Human day 1

    15 November, 2019

    Being Human 2019 got off to an incredible start at venues across the UK and beyond!

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  • Should we get more stressed about the humanities?

    12 November, 2019

    Professor Geoffrey Crossick reflects upon the current status of the humanities in the UK and beyond.

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  • Get Your Tweed Out!

    10 November, 2019

    Sarah tells us about her research into the rise and fall of the Orkney tweed industry and stories they are hoping to uncover through their Being Human festival 2019 event. 

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  • The Fall of the Wall and Disappearing Berlin

    6 November, 2019

    Ahead of their 2019 event ‘Gay Sex and the Disappearing City’ João and Ben reflect on the upcoming 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November, and the rising threats to the city’s subcultures.

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  • Romancing the Gibbet

    31 October, 2019

    In this haunting Halloween special, Steve takes us behind the scenes of ‘Romancing the Gibbet’. Fusing historical research and poetic response this unique project revisits sites of extraordinary public punishment in Georgian England.

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  • The Aquatic City: Dundee hub

    25 October, 2019

    Read all about the 2019 festival hub inspired by a fictional aquatic civilisation lurking beneath the River Tay…

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