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20 Years On:Manchester and the IRA Bomb © CCBY
A 1916 foodfest : Bread, Jam and Christmas Puddings Public domain via Wikimedia Commons Clarke & Sherwell Ltd; Ministry of Food
A free country © iravgustin / Shutterstock
A Hollantide Phantasmagoria Stephen Tyler and Kate Marchant
A Moveable Feast: Being Human in Paris © conejota / Shutterstock
A Particular Theatre – Shakespeare, Suffragists and Soldiers Quartiers Solidaires
A Short History of Philosophy with a Radical Green Edge © ChameleonsEye / Shutterstock
Advertising and Imagining the Postwar World in Britain Ministry of Food advertisement, Picturegoer Magazine, 16th May 1944, Home and Away Archive, LJMU
African Poetry Throughout the Ages © Sopotnicki / Shutterstock
Against Prejudice: Ira Aldridge in Coventry 1828 © Manchester Art Gallery. By permission.
A-Level day: Lady Audley’s Secret © ICVWW
An evening with Michael Morpurgo © Harper Collins
Archaeology and Espionage © Merydolla / Shutterstock
Archive to Blockbuster – Diversifying the Big Screen © Zhou Eka / Shutterstock
Attitudes and Aspirations – Interpretations of Disability credit Tidal Lagoon Power
Being Human Beyond the Pale Blue Dot © lazyllama / Shutterstock
Being Human Festival Launch © Katja Gerasimova / Shutterstock
Beyond the war memorial Life work and study in WW1 Preston © Willequet Manuel / Shutterstock
By the Seaside: The Beach 1700-2000 © Pubic Domain via Library of Congress
Canon to Critique: Hope, Fear & the Future of Islamic Edu © Spumador / Shutterstock
Carrot Lollies, Balcony pigs, Woolton Pie: talk and taste © zarzamora / Shutterstock
Challenging Hate Crime: Voices of Gypsies and Travellers Courtesy of the University of Leeds
Child Migrant Stories The Library & Archives Service, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Coat Tales: the Stories Clothes Tell © Everett Collection/Shutterstock
Conceiving Histories © Dfuse
Concrete Hopes and Fears © FreshPaint / Shutterstock
Contested countryside. Space and power in rural England © 1000 Words / Shutterstock
Contrasts: Hopes and Fears Public domain via www.olddesignshop.com
Conversation Dinner © Theodore Zeldin
Creating Modern Utopias © Tithi Luadthong / Shutterstock
CREATIVITY & THE MIND © patrice6000 / Shutterstock
Dangerous Influences: In the Archive with Radclyffe Hall Courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery
Dark Matters : A Documentary & Artist Talk Sarah Casey
Dark Matters: Our Imperceptible Universe © IWM (Q 28740)
Dark Matters: Our Imperceptible Universe Image supplied by A2B4 team member Michael Ohajuru
Death in 24 Hours: The Making of Modern Anthrax Courtesy of the University of Leeds
Deconstructing Gender © Rosa Fong
Deshantori (The Migrant) © Giovanni Cancemi / Shutterstock
Digital Fiction and the Hopes and Fears for Storytelling Image courtesy of One-to-One Development Trust’s Dreaming Methods
Don’t Panic!: promises & threats of science & technology © Daxiao Productions  / Shutterstock
Down & Out in Paris and London:  exhibition workshop Public domain – Credit: Yale Center for British Art
Down & Out in Paris and London:  presentation © Pyty / Shutterstock
Endless Cities The National Archives. Image reference: CRIM 1/387
Engaging with Dystopia: William Golding’s Lord of the Flies © diGraphy / Shutterstock
Extinctions! Invasions! The Wild Side of Hopes & Fears © Christopher Gardiner / Shutterstock
Facing Fear; Finding Hope © Dee-Sign Choir
Familiar Strangers: Writing Across Languages and Cultures © TMLs
Family film screening of Toy Story 3 Public domain via Wikimedia Commons (YuMaNuMa)
Fictional human and real robot: sharing spaces with robots © Lyuba Alboul
Film Screening of The Conversation © focusimage / Shutterstock
Following in the Footsteps of Vernon Lee Courtesy of the Victoria & Albert Museum
Food Fest: Pop the Pomagne – Spotlight on the Seventies Public domain via www.bonappetit.com
Free Thinking Being Human Debate: Man and Animals © BBC
Free to Control? Value Judgements and Bovine TB in Badgers © Jiri Balek / Shutterstock
Freedom Food? Factory Chickens and Modern Farming © monticello / Shutterstock
Freedom of Expression: Looking at Punk Courtesy of England’s Dreaming: the Jon Savage archive, LJMU.
Freedom of Movement? Migration, Mobility and Conquest © Alexyz3d  / Shutterstock
Freedom of movement? Reanimating the evacuee experience Public domain via Wikimedia Commons
FRIGHTFriday: The Art & Science of Hope & Fear Courtesy of The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
Gastrophysics © Leonard Zhukovsky / Shutterstock
Gender and Politics Cafe Conversation Courtesy of University of East Anglia
Gendered Bodies: Cafe Conversation © a katz / Shutterstock
Girls and Popular Culture: Cafe Conversation Public domain via Wikimedia Commons
GirlsRoar! Empowerment Workshop © Moloko88 / Shutterstock
Global Catastrophe Today © curraheeshutter / Shutterstock
Gobaith ac Ofn; Dwy Sgriniad/ Hope and Fear; Two Screenings © ravjitwanderer / Shutterstock
Growing Old Gracefully? Hope, Fear and Ageing © Syda Productions / Shutterstock
Gwres y gad a hedd yr eisteddfod Courtesy of the National Eisteddfod  Alun Llywelyn
H. G. Wells at 150: Martian Autopsy © Natsmith1 / Shutterstock
H. G. Wells: A Graphic Anthology © solarseven / Shutterstock
Hacking The Silence in Senate House Library © Hannah Thompson
Hard decisions? Freedom and pressure in WW2 Mechanisation © Vasil Baltaev / Shutterstock
Heaven’s Above – Interactive Exhibition © ESO/H. Dahle
Heroes and villains: drawing your dreams and demons Credit Harper Collins
HG Wells & Modern Hopes and Fears © brandonht / Shutterstock
Hope and Fear at Crossbones Graveyard © Katy Nicholls
Hope and Fear in a Hardy adaptation © Public Domain via wikimedia.org credits Henry Moore (painter)
Hope and Fear in Children’s Books © Jakez / Shutterstock
Hope and Fear in London: Street Art Workshop © Public Domain via Pixabay.com
Hope, Fear and Climate Change: from research to action © red-feniks / Shutterstock
Hopes and Fears © pingvin_house / Shutterstock
Hopes and Fears of Archaeology: Poetry & Artefacts Workshop Lloyd Bosworth
Hopes and Fears of the Humanities © SibFilm / Shutterstock
Hoping for Peace, Imagining War: British writers 1890s-1920s © patpitchaya / Shutterstock
Human Zoos: Putting People on Display © Derek Ridges
Humanity and the Humanities: Crisis, Rescue and Renewal Courtesy of The British Museum
I am human: precarious journeys James Titchner, AeroArts
Identifying Roman artefacts ©mountainpix / Shutterstock
Ignite your Mind © iDesign / Shutterstock
Imagining Dementia © Lightspring / Shutterstock
Immigration: what next? © Jane Pearce
International London: Walking Tours ©Kate McLean 2016
Invisible Data Performance © Sergey Nivens / Shutterstock
Is One Person’s Radicalism Another’s Right to Free Speech? © ProStockStudio / Shutterstock
Is the Light at the End of the Tunnel an Oncoming Train? The Archives Treasure Hoard’ by the Richard Burton Archives and Ian Vine, Information Services and Systems, Swansea University
Jamfest © Marshall Wilson Collection
Lady Audley on Trial Courtesy of the Braddon Archive
Latin American Utopias Courtesy of School of Advanced Study
Looking at Football: An Intimate View of a Football Ground ©  Peter Robinson
Lost in Memories: Dementia & the Act of Caring Public domain
Mary Braddon Exhibition © Public domain via Pixabay.com / fotshot
Maternity Tales : Listening to Birth Spaces Past and Present Courtesy of Stasus (Matt Ozga-Lawn / James Craig)
Meat the Machine: We Cyborg! © RYGER / Shutterstock
Medieval Time Reckoning and the Dating of Easter Public domain via Wikimedia Commons (Johannes von Gmunden)
Memories of Partition © Anton Watman / Shutterstock
Mermaids on the Mersey © Groupe de recherche Achac
Metamorphosis: beasts, monsters, humans © Elsa Korkiainen / Shutterstock
Migration in contemporary creative writing © Janossy Gergely / Shutterstock
Ministry of Hope and Fear Tours © Public domain via Flickr.com – Credit Javi
Modern Ghost Stories © John Moores University Archives
Moving Stories: representing refugees and the refugee voice © Public domain via Flickr.com – Credit Julien Harneis
My One and All: My Swansea Coast © Benjamin Wigley
Night at the Library: books of hope and fear Gresham College
No Feedback Courtesy of Queen Mary University of London
Our Prehistoric Ancestors –lessons for society today Pipeline for the Rum Excavations Project
Ours to preserve? Protecting the English Landscape © Kevin Eaves  / Shutterstock
Performing the Jewish Archive: Jewish Choral Music Courtesy of the University of Leeds
Perspectives on Freedom: Everyday Printed Ephemera Courtesy of the University of Reading
Petrie Film Club special: I Claudius © Lagui / Shutterstock
Poetry of the Lancashire Cotton Famine © Public domain via wikimedia.org – credits Lewis Hilne – U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
Poetry on the Move: Workshop/Museum Tour © goldnetz / Shutterstock
Poetry Workshop: from museum objects to words © Bukhta Yurii / Shutterstock
Popular Justice: Right and Retribution in Rural England © Morphart Creation / Shutterstock
Pretty Shambolic Sid Vicious, late 1970s, © Sheila Rock, England’s Dreaming: Jon Savage Archive of Punk
Project Cybersyn The Operations Room, courtesy of the Stafford Beer Archive, LJMU
Proto-Science Fiction and Victorian Steam Punk © 3355m / Shutterstock
Queer and the State ©Anna Burel 2016
Reanimating H. G. Wells: An Exhibition © Hein Nouwens / Shutterstock
Refusing to be Realistic © Valentina Photos / Shutterstock
Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Medicine: Hope Conquers Fear’ © Double Brain / Shutterstock
Robert Duncan Milne: Rediscovering Scotland’s H. G. Wells © Public domain via wikipedia.org credits NBC Television
Robots and AI: Hope or Fear? © School of Advanced Study, University of London
Scaling the Heights: Mountains and Vertical Megastructures Public Domain
School days and ambitions Students in halls of residence, 1950s, courtesy of the LJMU History Archive, LJMU
Science and the Victorian Public. A Magic Lantern Event Public domain via Wikimedia Commons
Screening Interrupted: AFRICA IS A WOMAN’S NAME © Women Male Movies
Screening of Lady Audley’s Secret © ICVWW
Sensing the Past: from smell to sound Courtesy of the University of Kent
Sex, Love and Robots © charles taylor / Shutterstock
Soft Driver Courtesy of the University of Leeds
Sound & Stone I: Medieval Alabasters & Choral Music Courtesy of the University of Nottingham
Sound & Stone II: Medieval Alabasters & Choral Music Courtesy of the University of Nottingham
Sound & Stone III: Medieval Alabasters & Choral Music Courtesy of Nottingham Museums and Galleries Service
Sound and Fury: Listening to the Second World War Public domain via Wikimedia commons
Sound and Fury: Listening to the Second World War Public domain via Wikimedia commons
Sound and Fury: Listening to the Second World War © Ivan Cholakov / Shutterstock
Speakeasy: a variety show for language lovers © Iliveinoctober / Shutterstock
Spitalfields, Winter 1892: a guided walk © Sarah Casey
Staging Mortality: Provocation & Conversation © aerogondo2 / Shutterstock
Stories From Syria: Accounts from the Syrian Civil War © prapass / Shutterstock
Sunken cities: Egypt’s lost worlds (Curator’s Introduction) © British Museum
Talk and Taste: How the Pershore Plum won the Great War Public domain via Wikimedia Commons (Manly Edward MacDonald)
Techno-Artefacts: 3D Laser Scanning & Printing © Iaremenko Sergii / Shutterstock
Telling Stories of Hope and Fear at Year’s End © Anki Hoglund / Shutterstock
Textile Threads: Hopeful Synthetics and Public Art Courtesy of the University of Leeds
The Art of Lying: The Trials of Harvey Matusow Courtesy of the University of Sussex
The Art of Lying: Who is Harvey Matusow? Courtesy of the University of Sussex
The Changing Face of Energy Courtesy of Swansea University
The ethics of watching and killing in RAF reaper operations © The National Archives (UK)
The fearsome cholera of 1854 Courtesy of London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
The Good Age: long life, literature, and utopianism Public domain via Wikimedia Commons (Ambrosius Holbein)
The Hungarian Revolution and the Refugee Experience Courtesy of the University of Leeds
The Memory Hole Machine Installation with Interactive Manual Courtesy of Hannah Thompson
The Mindfulness Turn in Practice © Franc Chamberlain
The Museum of the Normal Public domain via Wellcome Library, London
The Power of Print in 18th-Century Newcastle © Andrew Kendall / Shutterstock
The Rights & Justice City I: Nottingham in the Age of Brexit Courtesy of the University of Nottingham
The Rights & Justice City II: Making Nottingham Slavery-Free Courtesy of the University of Nottingham
The Rights & Justice City III: Nottingham’s Black History Courtesy of the University of Nottingham
The Royal Institute of Philosophy Annual Debate © neftali / Shutterstock
The Soundscapes of the York Mystery Plays © Mariana Lopez
The Time Machine: A Walking Tour © Alta Oosthuizen / Shutterstock
The Visual History of Seizures Public domain
There is no single destination Courtesy of University of Edinburgh
Thomas More’s Magnificent Utopia © The Warburg Institute
Tony Oursler – The Influence Machine Installation shot of ‘The Influence Machine’ in Soho Square, London, 2000. Photograph: Dennis Cowley
Tour of the Warburg Institute Archive © Linh Vu
Transformations in faith: Exploring Hopes and Fears © jorisvo / Shutterstock
Understanding the Nazi Camps © Jane Pearce
Urban Dreams (and Nightmares) © Igorsky / Shutterstock
US Slavery & Yorkshire Anti-Slavery: Forgotten Narratives © Everett Historical / Shutterstock
Utopia and Dystopia: Dreaming the Future Illustration by David Jones showing a map of the Houyhnhnms Land from Jonathan Swift, Travels into several nations of the world in four parts by Lemuel Gulliver, vol. 2, Waltham Saint Lawrence: Golden Cockerell Press, 1925
Visions of the Future – Old and New © studiostoks / Shutterstock
Walk of Hope: To the Castle! © Andrew Hallsworth
Walking the start of Via Francigena © Public Domain via Pixabay.com
Walking Tour of the Postwar Bloomsbury Renaissance Courtesy of The Warburg Institute
WALLPAPER Installation: Hope, Fear, and Digital Fiction Courtesy of One-to-One Development Trust’s Dreaming Methods
WALLPAPER: Hope, Fear, and Digital Fiction Launch Event Courtesy of One-to-One Development Trust’s Dreaming Methods
War in the Streets: terror and weapons in the media, cinema and art © Dani Ploeger
We, Robots © At-Bristol
What is ‘Healing’ in the twenty-first century? © KieferPix / Shutterstock
Where are you? Exploring coma, consciousness and conscience Illustration by Tim Sanders
Where’s My Igloo Gone? – family theatre and installation © The Bone Ensemble
Whitechapel Stories Courtesy of The Survey of London
Whose land is it anyway? Commons, smallholdings and gardens © Yulia Grigoryeva / Shutterstock
Women Explorers: Crossing Cultures © The GPO image is a registered trade mark of Royal Mail Group Limited and is used under licence
Wonder & Dread: Slavic Tales of Foreign Lands & Wild People © Artel
Wordkeys, the 4D Translation Game © hobbit / Shutterstock
Writing a History of the Future © Jonathan Hall