Being Human is led by the School of Advanced Study, University of London in partnership with the Arts & Humanities Research Council, the British Academy and the Wellcome Trust.

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  • Can we all be urban explorers?

    12 February, 2016

    By Dr Samual Merrill | How do you get involved in urban exploration? Here, two participants of the Senate House revealed project talk about their reservations and experiences of delving into the world of hidden spaces.

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  • The humanity of barristers: stories from the Bar

    4 February, 2016

    By Atalanta Goulandris | Often portrayed as slippery-tongued advocates, barristers are surrounded by misconceptions. Based on Being Human event ‘The humanity lawyers’, this post ‘lifts the wig’ on the complex ethical and personal issues of representing others.

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  • Mischievous (mis)translation

    29 January, 2016

    By Dr James Hadley and Dr Dominic Glyn | In this post we travel on a magical mystery tour of mistranslation. From presents translated into ducks to Hitler talking about air conditioning, translation can be a tricky affair.

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  • The place of poetry

    21 January, 2016

    By Francesca Brooks & Jess Cotton | How do academic research and poetic practice connect? Two researchers join poets Hilary Davies and Nancy Campbell to discuss creative and academic practice, and the place of poetry in public life.

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